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Comic Stores?! or Digital Comics?!

Comic Stores?! or Digital Comics?!

Store Comics VS Digital Comics

Store Comics VS Digital Comics

Debate – Anti Hero vs Unwilling Hero

The Anti Hero Says:

In every superhero duo their will be the occasional split in opinions. It keeps you on your toes, keeps you in control, and keeps things interesting. We have Batman – Nightwing, Cyclops – Wolverine and Marvel Civil War Captain America – Ironman. This debate will mean nothing to some, and be enlightening to others! Here we go folks…

Anti Hero, a crusader for the people is siding with Comic Book Stores! Now there are obvious arguments for and against, both have their benefits. But what makes this masked maverick give the ‘old fashioned’ comic stores the nod?

The iPad is the crown of jewel of the Digital Comic experience

The iPad is the crown of jewel of the Digital Comics experience

If you didn’t know, crime saving doesn’t give you the best salary, so for you hard earned buck you want to purchase something tangible. To fully appreciate a comic you have to hold the printed press, marvel at the artwork and pick it up and re read favourite kick ass panels. Unless it’s a collector’s item of course, then that bad boy can stay quarantined in plastic film for the rest of its days! Do you really want your comic experience to be confined to the size of your mobile screen?

What about the social element and entertainment factor? Comic stores are what record stores are to music lovers, nothing beats the feeling of rooting through a box of classic vinyls. Good comic stores are filled with sci fi memorabilia, graphic novels and posters. It’s good getting to see posters of your fave heroes and allies hanging from the walls. Seeing Xena, Buffy and Faith up close also goes a long way! It all heightens the surreal experience, and that’s what this is all about…escapism.

Let’s not forget the damn cool ass toys. When I saw Thors hammer I swirled that son of b*tch around my head to see if it would make for a useful utility for crime fighting. Try not to get carried away though, I was tempted to give my companion a Leonadis like kick to the chest after seeing some Spartan gear.

Sometimes you will just visit a store for a cheeky browse, nosing around to waste time. But unwittingly you pick up a hot comic book, a comic book classic, even a recommendation. Occasionally you will just buy the comic cus its looks cool as f*ck!

I'll have what she's having

I’ll have what she’s having

Over to Your Unwilling Hero for his two cents..

Your Unwilling Hero Says:

The comic industry needs to grow the f*@k up, and evolve with the times. Like iTunes chose to dismantle the hard copy music industry, its time for comic books to learn the lessons already seen, and put down those old school stores.

Don’t have time to get to the store today? Worried the issue will sell out before you get there? What about last months issue you couldn’t get because you were on holiday? Say goodbye to these ludicrous problems. Digital comics are available 24/7…FOREVER! It’s a no brainer. Not to mention there are constant sales, and I mean constant. Marvel Mondays is just one of example of where you can pick up a selection of comics, for 99p each! What a bargain. Just last week the epic Uncanny X-force had every issue on sale.

Marvel Mondays is a great benefit of Digital Comics

Marvel Mondays is a great pusher of Digital Comics

And when it comes to the reading experience, digital comics are centred around giving you the best view. The screen slides and zooms between individual panels to pull you dynamically through each issue. No more seeing a full two page splash before you have read the dialogue, the app will guide you carefully through the details before panning out to that big reveal. Knock this up on an iPad or other tablet, or even your TV and you can experience each scene in a detail you would need a goddamn microscope to see in print. And as we briefly touched on in our AvX article, some publishers are beginning to explore how to push the boundaries of the digital beyond the trade with new effects. Check out AvX infinite to see for yourself.

Infinite, the future of the digital comic?

Infinite, the future of digital comics?

And just where the hell were you gonna store all those comics anyway? The idea of storing all those issues is one that terrifies me deep in my soul. Now I can carry hundreds of comics with me everyday, and relive any of them with a few button presses. And this is why it’s time for you to digital.

But regardless, app or store, it depends on the person, the purpose and the occasion. Comic apps are definitely convenient and can boost sales of your favourite comic, but lets not sleep on the stores that got us to fall in love with the comics you grew up loving.

Give us your thoughts on the topic!

The Unwilling Hero

The Unwilling Hero is a founding member of the Masked Heroes supergroup, dedicated to saving your day from boredom.

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