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Drive – Why Haven’t You Seen This Movie?!?

Drive – Why Havent You Seen This Movie?!?

Drive with Ryan Gosling

Drive with Ryan Gosling

Good day to you friendly citizens. Here is a quick dose of AntiHero goodness to warm up your day.

Drive, its more than likely you have heard of this film. A movie which has helped move Ryan Gosling away from chick flick faves like The Notebook into more dynamic roles like the recently released Gangster Squad.

Under the bonnet

Under the bonnet

Audiences might be left scratching their heads at the end, and if I’m honest it did take me two viewings to fully appreciate the film. The films protagonist, Gosling, is a low paid driving stunt man, part time mechanic and occasional get away driver for the cities crooks. Gosling is a cool, emotionally unmoved and intense character. A man of few words, and fewer facial expressions (besides gifting the occasional smirk), but with a huge screen presence. For a man small of build, he projects a ‘listen carefully and don’t f*@# with me’ aura. He falls for his neighbour and bonds with her young and impressionable son, through actions and not words. His intentions are honest, he doesn’t make a move he just shares his time and more importantly his ride with his new friends. Through open body language, raised eyebrows and slight smirks you can tell his empathy for the mother and son are increasing. I nearly expected him to spurt tall spiky hair, spout 3 claws and call her bub (Wolverine’s tough love is in the building)

Like any great comic book hero he tries to protect her from his darkside and his criminal get’a’way driving days seems to have halted, Gosling is set on staying put. Unfortunately for him, his crush has a husband, a husband returning from a stint in prison, a husband in debt to the mob. The movie shifts into a thriller with some tense/awkward scenes.

All American Muscle

All American Muscle

So where does this film get good? Does it sound too soppy, a little too Captain America righteous and where are the damn driving scenes! Well we are blessed to see a meaty, bassy Mustang car chase. The car scenes are refreshing, forget your cliché and uncanny handbreak turns to shake your tail, in this film initiative has been used. Action scenes and shootouts are damn rewarding. After being made to wait for western style standoffs you are not disappointed when they are finally delivered. With graphic and gut turning fatalities, this is more Pulp Fiction then Born Ultimatum. Not for the weak hearted, these exchanges would make Tarintino don a smile.

Beauty pro’s

  • Uniquely stylish
  • Action scenes are few and far between but are excellently executed
  • Gripping but realistic car sequences
  • The featured black American muscle Mustang looks and sounds beautiful

Beastly cons

  • You will love or hate Goslings performance, it must be said in some exchanges he seems to have the emotional range of a small blonde terminator (back when terminator was good)
  • The film would suggest it would have more car or driving scenes, do not come here expecting Fast and the Furious
  • Slow in parts

Drive is an essential watch. Whether it is to marvel at the brilliant cinematography and sound track or to be furiously and vocally disgruntled with the lack of dialogue and car sequences, it is a film worth watching. Even if it is just to see if you love or hate this film, their will be no sitting on the fence with this one!

Someone que my exit music, AntiHero signing out

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