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Movie Villains – What the hell do they want? 1

Movie Villains. Just what the hell do these bunch of lunatics really want.

Now we all know that it’s difficult to have a good hero without a suitably awesome villain. But the amount of movies that have the villain concocting some monumentally stupid plan, is surprising to say the least. But sometimes movies succeed because the hero is up against a villain that is simply doing something…villainous.

Here are a few cases:

Spiderman 2
Just what the hell do you thinking are doing Doc Oc. Look I know he went a bit round the bend but if anyone could tell me what he hoped to accomplish with his “precious tritium” I’m all ears. The power of the sun in his hands…right. Then what? Forget it Doc, just rob some banks already.

Movie Villains

Hey Otto, watcha doin?

Iron Man:
Obadiah Stane. Go on tell me what he was up to? No? Nothing? Jeff Bridges was most excellent in this movie, but man, I have no idea what all that scheming and plotting behind everyones back was. Getting Tony captured, working with the terrorists. And all this just so he could build weapons. Which he already does for a living and has made him a billionaire. Sigh.

Movie Villains

“Don’t ask me what my character wants!”

Superman Returns
Lex Luthor. Try and stay with me. He wants to build…Land. So that it can replace the USA. And people will pay to live on his new land. Hmm, ridiculous, but not entire unfeasible. That is…until you see him on his new country, which is infested with kryptonite by the way (don’t ask), and realise it looks like some kind of hellish nightmare. And you’re one of the smartest men in the world?

Movie Villains

“Come live on my island!”

Ah Loki, Loki Loki Loki. Shame on you. I thought you were smart. All you wanted was for your father to see you were the one he should make King, not Thor. So you staged an attack to have him killed, betrayed the place you want to be king of, let Frost giants in only so you could kill their leader, and then tried to wipe out their whole race. Do you remember the part where your dad said to leave the giants alone? How well do you think genocide will go down.


Ah the biggest movie of 2012. And its you again Loki. What are you up to this time? Well you’re paving the way for a race of aliens to come to earth and well…kill everyone. So that you can be the King of Earth. You know, the place where you just killed everyone. Yup, that place. I’ll let him off, the guy just wants to be King of somewhere.

Movie Villains

“Give me a crown!”

And yet these are all pretty good movies (not you Superman, that was awful). Because sometimes you just need a guy to do something bad, rather then make a whole lot of sense.

What do you think? Does  a villain need a great plan?
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One comment on “Movie Villains – What the hell do they want?

  1. Reply Dan Apr 27,2013 15:58

    I’m sorry but you don’t seem to really understand Loki. He never wanted to be king. If you pay close enough attention, he’s really insecure about being put in charge of Asgard. Besides that, he was told as an adult that he is a Jotun, the Aesir’s primary enemy. I think most people would have a bad reaction to being told they’re both adopted and also one of the most hated / largest enemies.
    I think you made a generalization, because in the Avengers he also isn’t looking to be a true ruler. Did you even notice the Chitauri and the terror that Thanos inspired in Loki? Loki is being used as a pawn by them.

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