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WWE13 – Layeth the Smackdown or Rest In Peace

WWE13 – Layeth the Smackdown or Rest In Peace

Anti Hero signing in..

Here is a wrap up review for your gaming needs.

Oh you didn’t know, your ass better call somebody!

WWE13 is the latest gaming instalment from Vince McMahons franchise. The new faces of wrestling, such as Boston’s John Cena – Irelands’ Sheamus and badass fan fave CM Punk have been sidelined for the revived WWE Attitude Era.


Classic match ups are there to re-live in WWE13

Classic match ups are there to re-live in WWE13

My following of ‘superstars’ being suplexed through tables, smashed with steel chairs and clattered by clotheslines has been minimal in recent years. The odd PayPerView gets the Anti Hero nod of approval, but WWE’s glory days are long over. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling has a nostalgic bond with crowd favourites Bret Hart, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. It seems THQ have noticed this, and the single player campaign focuses on reliving epic and classic fights and feuds!

Roody Poo, Candy Ass

Roody Poo, Candy Ass

The Road to Wrestlemania has been replaced with WWE’s Attitude Era. Through cut scenes and real footage WWE13 explains its battle for audience ratings with their main competitor, WCW. Times were changing, the era of milk drinking, ‘stay at school and away from trouble’ hero’s had passed and the fans wanted something more. The time for egos, bravado and some serious smack talk was upon us.

WWE13 - Tables and ladders and chairs OH MY

Tables and ladders and chairs OH MY


What does WWE13 do well? The gameplay has been tweaked since the last instalment. Graphics look great, movement is fluid and characters interact with the environment surprisingly well. For example; Wanna Irish whip an S.O.B. into the steal steps? Why not! The character will clash with the object hurling it out of place as well as sending the superstar through the air clutching his knee in the process. Story mode will entertain in solo play for long enough and reliving classic matches and watching the actual footage after is fun. Seeing Mankind get pushed off the top of the steel cage was carnage enough to make anyone pick up their younger sibling and body slam them onto the couch.


The ‘optional’ challenge, which you are expected to perform in the matches, allows you to collect some unlockables (wrestlers, outfits, belts and arena’s). This can be a cool feature but also distracts gamers from just having fun as you are focused on playing the game in a certain fashion to obtain the extras.




Where this game shines is in the multiplayer. They say 3’s a crowd, well 4 is a battle royal! A hell in a cell! A Royal Rumble! Whether you’re enjoying giving your sidekick an ankle lock while watching him thunder the buttons trying to not to tap out, or kicking out of a pin fall in the last moments, this is where the game prospers. Being competitive or working as a team to take on the challenge of the computer is what you wanna be doing while playing this game. Before you know it you’ll find your trash talking the television and reliving childhood memories.


Too Good

  • Great multiplayer action. Online mode is excellent, if there are not enough human challengers you can select CPU opposition to fill the ranks
  • Get to relive the best matches of one of the best Eras in wrestling
  • Pick up and play value
  • Fan faves like create a wrestler have plenty of customisation options
  • Create a PPV is a cool feature where you can utilise the huge match selections and rosters
  • Allows advanced users to play in a variety of ways where you can make use of a fairly large move set.
  • Performing a special through the commentators table is addictively satisfying
  • Reversing a special move and seeing the smirk whipped of your competitors face


Too Bad

  • Turn off the replay function. This is a truly awful feature, which seems like it was chucked in at the last minute. Replays from terrible angles shown 4 times! 4!
  • If you’re a fan of the new school roster it seems they are somewhat overlooked
  • If you haven’t played any of the modern WWE titles, this game does not usher you in nicely. You are expected to know the buttons, erm – not cool.
  • Occasional lag while performing moves
  • Playing the computer can become redundant and repetitive


If you’re a wrestling fan, or if you’re desperately trying to avoid the reality of growing up, purchase this game. It comes at a fair price and you’re guaranteed some boot to ass action, longevity is definitively improved with friends to play with.

And with that, your favourite spandex wearing, reviewing blogger is signing out…but leaving you with some gaming knowledge. Until next time…

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