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Metal Gear Rising or Receding?

So, the Metal Gear Rising Demo. WTF was that crap?!?

Forget that I am a MGS fan, forget that this game is a radical departure, and well pretty much forget all that other political BS.

This is an action game, and unfortunately not a very good one.

Everything was great up until the combat started, then I got bored. FAST.

At first I assumed I need only run around and hack everything to death repeatedly, which did actually work for a while. Then the first tough enemy comes along, and a brief tip flashes on the screen – A tip that shows you how to parry.

That's right, Parry him...

That’s right, Parry him…

There is a reason this flashes upon the screen so very briefly. Because the game would prefer you don’t understand the parry mechanic. For once you do, the rest of the gameplay mechanics go out of the window. Parry everything, then kill it fast. Done.

To put it simply, when games with the depth and variety of combat like DMC are released not a month ago, combat this shallow could barely make me sit up and pay attention. Of course this game will sell, it has Metal Gear in the name, so that’s a done deal. And sure it will have a compelling story, and oozes style at every turn. But ultimately, its a lame repetitive, run of the mill action game, that is a dime a dozen on the market.

Looks cool right? Yeah well looks aren't everything

Looks cool right? Yeah well looks aren’t everything

Wait, hold on, stop. I’m not saying not to make this purchase of course. All my opinions are based on the 20 minutes of cut scenes and 3 minutes of combat I played in the demo. Nowhere near a true representative of the final product. Hell, I’ll probably be eating my words and playing this on release day.

But…I will jump to whatever conclusions I want, thank you very much.

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