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Ready Game Fire 2

For all our Heroic Readers, Head on over to the latest Ready Game Fire podcast and listen to us and the Ready Game Fire team get all emotional over one of favourite Heroines, The Great Samus Aran.


And while you’re there why not listen to many of the other great episodes of everyones favourite Gaming podcast

Ready Game Fire

Listen to us Gush unapologetically about the Metroid series

Or listen to the whole thing here



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The Unwilling Hero

The Unwilling Hero is a founding member of the Masked Heroes supergroup, dedicated to saving your day from boredom.

2 thoughts on “Ready Game Fire

  1. Ryan Crawford Reply Ryan Crawford Feb 13,2013 10:15

    Chris Fox. Ready. Game. Fire

  2. Reply Masked Heroes Feb 13,2013 10:28

    @MaskedHeroes @readygamefire Sharing the #Metroid love

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