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Welcome to Rekall 3

So I thought I would give a quick opinion on the Total Recall reboot I finally got around to watching.

Honestly…I kinda enjoyed it. Now now, I am a big fan of the original. But the best way to watch this one was to forget about it entirely.

You just have to accept that this is a different beast altogether. It’s a slick Sci Fi movie, with almost no laughs but plenty of ass kicking, flying cars and flashing lights.

Sure it could have done with a little more levity. But that’s obviously not what the director went for in this incarnation. My true gripe with this movie is that you just don’t really care that much about the overarching plot. It follows the main character religiously without bothering to flesh out the others. Bill nighy and Bryan Cranston barely even register in the films runtime.

Total Recall

Kate Beckinsale is one of the highlights

But even then its worth seeing for Kate Beckinsale’s terminator-esq character who¬†pursues¬†Farrell throughout the course of the movie. There are enough chase sequences, close quarters combat and random future gadgets to make me sit up and give it the Sci Fi nod of approval. To be honest they just don’t make enough throwaway Science Fiction like this anymore. So Hurrah!

Why this Rocks:
Kate Beckinsale – Check
Flying Cars – Check
Phone inside your hand – Check
Robots – Check
Chase scenes every few minutes – Check
What more do you want?

Why this Sucks:
Waste of a supporting cast
Are there any jokes in this movie? Jeez
What the heck did the bad guys want again?
Wait, what the hell did the good guys want either?

Verdict: Guilty Pleasure

Watch this movie. You’ll feel dirty, but you’ll like it

Your Unwilling Hero

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  2. Reply Masked Heroes Feb 22,2013 08:58

    Check out the Masked Heroes new post: – Welcome to Rekall – #Movies #Review So I …

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