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Why the PS4 seems different 2

The PS4 seems a little different to the way Sony went about launching their previous consoles.

When the PS2 arrived on the scene it was paraded with promises of “next-gen” visuals, and the usual cacophony of impressive specs. More power, more storage, more games and so on. The PS3 walked a similar road flaunting its visuals and flexing power that hoped to not only dwarf its predecessor, but the competition too.

But those were different times. Our needs in consuming games has changed dramatically since then. We can thank the rise of the social networks and the excellent Xbox live experience for this.


Sony unveils its plans for the PS4

And Sony has rightly positioned its latest console to address this. Yesterday we were bombarded with talk of sharing, streaming and general socialising, along with a console designed to do exactly that.

Sure the graphics will be slightly prettier, and the machine obviously more powerful, but the need for Sony to pour all its efforts into specs are gone. It seems we won’t ever experience the huge leaps forward that we had between the PS1 and PS2, or the PS2 and PS3. But rather a smooth transition to what is simply, the new normal.

And I couldn’t thank Sony more for it.

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2 thoughts on “Why the PS4 seems different

  1. Reply Masked Heroes Feb 21,2013 09:42

    Check out the Masked Heroes new post: – Why the #Ps4 seems different – The #Ps4 seems …

  2. Christopher Vernazza Reply Christopher Vernazza Feb 21,2013 12:51

    Good write up, had a feeling the leap wouldn’t be as big as ps2-ps3. I just hope the PS4 is more water proof than the ps3

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