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Anime Picks: HighSchool of the Dead

Everybody loves Zombies. Anime is no exception to that rule and HighSchool of the Dead is exactly what it says on the tin. Dead people. In a school.
But is it worth your time?

The story is obvious enough. A virus breaks out, people start getting infected..blah blah blah. You’ve seen it all a thousand times. A small group of survivors attempt to escape the school…God it really is that generic isn’t it. Then eventually try to find a safe haven. Snooze.

Highschool of the Dead

The main cast of generic zombie survivors

The cast is made up of your usual range of anime stereotypes. The main hero, who is courageous, honourable and has many women interested in him. Then there is the main love interest, the popular girl who is also deadly with a katana, the smart girl, the nerdy guy etc… Look nobody here is winning any awards. But they certainly do work well together, and provide plenty of laughs.

Highschool of the Dead


This is why you signed up. Every episode (amost) contains an enormous amount of zombies getting shot, smashed and sliced in the face. Its utterly glorious. Kids betray their best friends to survive, the government seals off the country and the group slowly dwindles. All the y ingredients of a zombie flick remain thoroughly intact. Plus watching this show in HD shows off some fantastic visuals.

Highschool of the Dead

This kind of thing is just the tip of the fan service iceberg

Fan Service
Oh did I forget to mention. This show is packed to the nauseating brim with fan service. Zombies rip the clothes off girls and awkward teenage innuendos pop up left right and centre. At one point to cover a downed teammate, Takashi rests his sniper rifle across Rei’s cleavage for leverage, while he rattles out high velocity rounds, the recoil of which sends her chest into a bouncing frenzy. Later on we arrive at the typical sequence where they find a “safe haven”, resulting in 2 episodes more concerned with shower scenes then anything else. Its infuriating when all you want is for someone to get their brains blown out (not in that way sicko). Don’t get me wrong, I understand fan service and I sure appreciated it when I was 16, but at this point its just too cliche.

Highschool of the Dead

The walking dead, now with added Lingerie

Why this Rocks:

  • Weren’t you listening, ZOMBIES!!!
  • Gore and violence
  • Great animation

Why this Sucks:

  • Fan service galore
  • Generic zombie formula

Verdict: Well…Why Not, there are zombies!

Was Highschool of the Dead a really good anime? Probably not. Do I regret watching it? Probably not. The same will probably apply to you.

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