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What If This X-Men Movie Doesn’t Suck?

Look I know, you know and Hugh Jackman knows, that the next X-Men movie is gonna be a streaming pile of crap. But as with all superhero movies I choose blind optimism over common sense.

Wouldn’t it be great if the upcoming Days of Future Past, didn’t suck? Let’s suspend our belief and analyse why this should be awesome.

Iconic Storyline
It’s always bothered me that with so many comic books out there with great stories already written, movie adaptations always try and come up with something new. For Gods sake, all we ever wanted was to see our favourite stories on the big screen. Now for the first time we’ll get to see the legendary Days of Future past story adapted. Sure they will have to make a few changes but the meat of the story is already there.


There be Sentinels in the future

Bryan Singer Returns
As we all know, X-Men 1 and 2 were not bad movies at all. The third entry however was simply an abomination. This is partly because Director Bryan Singer made way for Brett Ratner to come in and ruin everything. With him back there is light at the end of the tunnel. (Although he was off making the horrendous Superman Returns at the time….Wait Optimism Remember!)

We won’t get stuck with those First Class idiots
Ok. So. I know X-men first class was received well critically, and even alot of my friends really liked it. But this movie was awful. Terrible in fact. It had wafer thin characters, some truly shocking makeup costumes (seriously did you see beast?), and leveraged heavily on Michael Fassbenders Star power. Most importantly, save for Xavier and Magneto, it had a bunch of characters we didn’t give a crap about, and casual comic fans had never heard of. At least this time with the enormous cast fans of both sets of movies get what they want. Speaking of which….


Seriously? Seriously? Nobody else found this guy ridiculous?!?

Enormous Cast
Let’s face it this is almost definitely a negative, but let’s put a spin on it! Pretty much every character from the franchise returns in this movie, plus a whole bunch of new ones. Patrick Stewart is in it, Ian Mckellen is in it, James McAvoy is in it, Halle Berry is in it, Hugh Jackman is in it, Michal Fassbender is in it, Peter Dinklage is in it, hell just check the cast list, you might be in it!? And this is great because we get to see past and future versions of some of the characters. And the future ones will be in an apocalyptic war zone fighting for their lives. Come on. It’ll be great. Right? Plus the X-Men books always have tons of characters running around. They are a big unlimited in number team, its their nature. Could it be one of those rare, the more the better opportunities?

The Franchise’s Future
This is maybe a big deal in why this movie could work. We were all scratching our heads as to how the original franchise could continue alongside first class. This could simply be the first crossover in an X-men movie franchise. It paves the way for more X movies set in the past or future and brings characters back leading to possible spinoffs. The possibilities are there. Fox could build something with just the X-men franchise to rival the Avengers Movie continuity.


It’s not too late to get in this movie everyone…

Look, I’m a big X-Men fan, and I would love for this all to work swimmingly. But lets face it, these things have a tendency to go a little …Wolverine Origins on us, most of the time. So here is hoping for a truly great X-Men movie, that we’ll remember for all time!

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