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Bad Movie Night – American Ninja

As I mentioned in my earlier Bad Movie Night post, this article was inspired by my wife and her friends.

American Ninja

Uh-Oh, the Ninjas are here

And here is the movie that sums up Bad Movie Night. American Ninja.

Man these movies are bad. Just awful.

American Ninja

The Dudikoff don’t need to see to whoop your a$$

The fighting is terrible, the acting is terrible and the story is terrible. And yet, I’ll watch it over and over. It gets to the point where I know something lame is about to happen and pay extra attention before it does, just so I can say “Did you see that s**t?!?”.

Whether it’s Michael Dudikoffs unexpectedly soft voice, the cliché damsel in distress who is the generals daughter, or the pantomime villainy throughout, you just can’t help but be entertained from start to finish. The combat is so wooden and slow that every fight scene is a chore, and yet you’ll be screaming “Get him Joe” at the screen in support of our hero (the women I watched it with were literally shouting this at the screen).

American Ninja

The Dudikoff is just too cool for this s**t

If this movie isn’t on your bad movie list, you are missing out big time.

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