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Fall TV Preview: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our TV preview. We’re picking up where part 1 left off so make sure to check that out before you go any further!
TV Preview

New Girl – September 17th

Season 2 of New Girl was equally as hilarious as the first. Jess and Nick sort of/kind of got together, while Schmidt dealt with not being with Cece and her upcoming wedding. There are just so many laughs available with the four main cast members, that it really doesn’t matter so much what’s happening as long as we get to see each of them. Season 3 will see Daman Wayans Jr. reprising his role from episode 1, so there should be enough new scenarios injected to make this another hit.
TV Preview

The Mindy Project – September 17th

This show had a pretty mixed response in its first season. Initially airing after New Girl, it struggled to hold onto viewers after that hit show had finished. However it managed to establish a relatively consistent viewership later on, and earned a renewal. There isn’t much word on what is planned for season 2, but then unpredictability is one of the better things about this show.
TV Preview

Modern Family September 25th

This continues to be pretty much the funniest show on TV for the past 5 years. If there is a funnier character then Phil Dumphie (Schimdt comes close) then I just haven’t been watching enough television. Expect all the usual players back for more of the same this season.
TV Preview

Grey’s Anatomy – September 26th

TV’s most tear inducing show continues into its 10th season. As usual last year ended in tragedy with scenes of Doctor Webber lying unconscious having been electrocuted, ending a miserable year for his character after the death of his wife. Meredith gave birth to her first natural baby, finally, and a whole host of other characters have some pretty huge issues to face. You know what you’re in for here people, DRAMA.
TV Preview

Scandal – October 3rd

Season 2 of Scandal was another unprecedented success with its viewers, despite critics being mostly confused by the spider-diagram-like plot. But its the high octane political and personal drama that give this show its edge. Dealing with peoples insane problems is entertaining enough, but Olivia Pope and her gang have a crapload of their own stuff to deal with. Not least with the show ending on a tense meeting between Olivia and her father. Stay tuned for, yup, DRAMA-RAMA.
TV Preview

Criminal Minds – September 25th

Arguably the most revealing crime show on TV continues into its ninth season. Although last year ended weakly, with the over-arching plot coming to a bit of an anti-climax there were still significant repercussions, particularly the death of boss Erin Strauss. Our team will have to deal with this as well another year of the ever impressive cast of sociopaths that it goes into disturbing detail of. You love it really.
TV Preview

The Mentalist – September 29th

The ever popular Patrick Jane is back, on the hunt for Red John again. Sure this storyline has dragged on far longer than anyone thought it would, but it succeeds in having its fans guessing at the identity of Red John as Jane himself draws closer then ever. Its the charisma of the leading man, and his outright pestering of potential criminals that endears this show, as well as his ongoing chemistry with Agent Lisbon. The Mentalist always has you coming back for more.
TV Preview

Grimm – October 25th

Grimm is onto season 3! Can you believe it. This show has crept under most peoples radars, but continues to fill the monster of the week quota for its viewers. When we left off, Nick had laid most of his cards on the table with Juliette who finally got her memories back. But before they could have a happy ending, he was defeated and last seen being packed off in a box. I’m pretty sure nobody has any clue what the hell is going on with the whole ‘Family’ plot line behind the scenes, so just tune back in if you need want to see more Vessin Vogul out. What the hell did I just say.

That’s it for part 2, Stay tuned for our third and final part where we conclude with some brand new shows. Coming soon!

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