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Fall TV Preview: Part 3

Here we are at the third and final part of our Fall TV Preview. Make sure to check out parts one and two. Now check out the rest of our list:
TV Preview

The Big Bang Theory – September 26th

The US  no.1 hit series continues into its 7th season. With Leonard leaving for 4 months in the last episode, he and Penny’s relationship will as usual be under the spotlight. But more importantly than that, Raj has finally learned to talk to women, which should bring about a nice new dynamic to play with this season. There’s a reason this show is so popular and there’s no reason to believe that the ride is over yet.
TV Preview

Boardwalk Empire – September 8th

Wow what a finale to season 3. And Nucky is back in charge despite being alone and the body count going through the roof. There isn’t anything else like Boardwalk Empire on tv right now. The most violent show this side of Spartacus combined with the slick gangster backdrop is just a joy to behold. Tune in to see whats next in store.
TV Preview

Vampire Diaries – October 3rd

Honestly, I never know what the hell is really going on with this show. I’m not sure the writers do, but its remained popular and on course season 5 and a spinoff! You know the drill – vampires, werewolves, hybrids, doppelgängers, witches, hunters. Did I miss anything. Don’t bother correcting me if I did, just tune in and enjoy.
TV Preview

Homeland – September 29th

When last we saw Homeland, Carrie put her neck on the line for Nicholas and the aftermath of the crazy attack on the US was there for all to see. While we don’t know what’s going to happen with these guys in the long term, they sure have a lot to deal with right now. Season 2 was a bit up and down in comparison to the series debut, but it’s still one of the better shows on TV and has a chance to get back in poll position for round 3.

New Shows

TV Preview

Almost Human – November 4th

I can’t stress how excited I am about this show. From the creators of Fringe (including J.J. Abrams), comes a futuristic cop show starring Karl Urban. One of my favourite producers and favourite actors combine in my favourite genre. I’m hyping this too much right? Karl Urban’s John Kennex is a robot hating cop paired with Michael Ealy’s almost-too-human Android. Sure its an old formula, but lets hope we get something unique out of it, especially given that the Sci-Fi number one TV spot is up for grabs these days.
TV Preview

The Michael .J Fox show – September 26th

Loosely based on Fox’s own life, this show is about a news reader being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, then getting back in the saddle with funny results. If you’re a fan of MJF, you probably want to get on this right away. The rest of us will probably wait a few episodes to see what the reception is like.
TV Preview

The Crazy Ones – September 26th

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. What more could you want right? They play a father and daughter combination trying to run an agency. This show will pretty much live or die on the performances and charisma of its leads, so give it a look if you’re looking for something a little quirky to add to your schedule, or you just feel like you haven’t had enough SMG love since Buffy ended.
TV Preview

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – September 17th

A cop show with a nice edge of having plenty of comedy and an entertaining looking odd couple at the helm. Andy Samberg plays the rookie young detective while Andre Braugher is the tough straight as nails captain. With a supporting cast boasting the likes of Terry Crews, this certainly has the chops to crank out some good laughs along the way.
TV Preview

Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. – September 24th

Come on you know all about this right? Marvel is hitting the small screen with its team of not-so-super heroes. Pretty much everyone who watched Avengers is going to be watching this, especially with Joss Whedon at the helm. Deep down we’re hoping for something as clever and charming as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while maintaining the slick and impressive feel of the Marvel cinematic universe. No pressure then right? Tune in…
And that’s it from us. There are a lot more shows to cover, but we’ll be picking up on those throughout the TV season. Let us know what shows you’re going to be watching, and which you don’t care for! And don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts throughout the Fall.
Have fun guys.

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