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My Biggest Problem With “The Tomorrow People”

So, I’ve been watching this new show called “The Tomorrow People”. I’ll admit, when I first heard that name, I was already on the verge of turning it away. But after watching it since it’s pilot, (in America, that is) I think it’s an interesting enough show and has the potential to become something of decent popularity. Just for clarification, the show is about a group of humans who -through genetic evolution- have developed special powers such as telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to teleport. (Referred to as The Tomorrow People) But, as happens in these types of shows, some “normal” humans think that these types of people are too dangerous to be left alone, and so they hunt them down. (Think X-Men, essentially) It follows Steven Jameson, a teenage boy whose powers seem to be going out of control, and he then comes across a bunch of people who are just like him and he joins them. The little twist in this plot is that the man who runs the group trying to bring the people with these powers in, which is called Ultra, is Steven’s uncle, and as it turns out, his father used to work with the same people, but then suddenly disappeared a years in the past. So, Steven also joins up into his uncle’s organisation to find out what might have happened to him.


The main character of the show, Steven Jameson.

(Small Spoilers to follow)

But it’s exactly this little twist that seems to bring the show down on multiple occasions. Steven is working as a double agent between the two sides, but the show sometimes just makes it look too easy. I mean, when you first hear about Ultra, they’re supposed to be this high-security, highly dangerous organisation – why else would the group of Tomorrow People be forced underground to survive? Yet, Steven seems to just be able to gain access to all of their important information, move in and out between the two sides, passing along information, and sneak about that place. It doesn’t help that this still continues even after it is confirmed by Steven’s uncle that he is associating with the Tomorrow People and handing along this information. The show justifies why nothing happens to him – Ultra needs him, and at the same time, his uncle is just “looking out for him”.


Did I mention that his uncle’s name is… Jedikiah

But my further issue then is… why do they keep letting him compromise their position?
You could argue that it’s because they’re trying to use him to lead them to the underground Tomorrow People, but if that is the case, then they’re doing a really terrible job at it. They only ever find themselves getting any closer to finding them by luck in the episodes so far, and even though they get so many chances, they always slip up. Big, bad Ultra just seems to be shown off as incompetent, more than anything else. It seems the only people that they can catch are the idiots, without divine intervention. What’s more, Ultra has their own group of people with powers (I can’t keep writing those two words) under their command, but they all just seem inferior to the ones that don’t work for them. But there’s evidence in the show that they have an intensive training regimen for their own special agents. So where does all this training go? Apparently not into catching other people with powers.

But like I said, it’s not such a big issue that the show is unwatchable. It’s just… Ultra really could do to be made to seem more threatening.

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