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Continuing the Final Fantasy X series

So, with the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2 only months away from release, you may have heard about the audio drama, Final Fantasy -Will- that was released alongside it. If not, then follow this link then you can search it up for yourself or follow this link for a short summary. (Obvious Spoilers)

So what have we got here, then?

A pretty cool addition to the re-master that is a good way to appease the fans of the series, by giving them all sorts of things to speculate about the sort of things that would happen after the events of X-2, and at a the same time we’re getting a lot of information that could be enough to start off a 3rd game entry in the series, at least according to a few fans. New characters, threats, and possibilities for what could be a – potentially – quite interesting new entry to the series. But even though that may be true, I, like many others just don’t think that it would be the greatest idea to make a third game. Don’t get me wrong though, if Square Enix did make one and it was good, I’d take back my words and play the hell out of it, the same way I did with Final Fantasy X-2.

The main reason why I believe that this doesn’t work is because of the world of Spira.

Now, Spira was a cool enough place in my opinion, but it just seems extremely limited. I think that the main point behind this is that the map and world of Spira seems very much to have been designed solely for the sake of just the first game in the series. Even after the changes of X-2 which was a two year difference from the end of X, a lot of the places in the world became nothing more than afterthoughts. They weren’t genuinely important.

Map of Spira

Notice particularly the shape here.

The summoner’s pilgrimage to defeat Sin, and it just coming back was an endless cycle, as reflected by Tidus’ journey through the game starting from Zanarkand, circling around to Besaid and making that long journey back up to Zanarkand once again. For the same reason that X-2 didn’t replicate this way of progressing through the game, a third game just wouldn’t really be able to create that much from it. Unless the locations that we’ve come to know and love have drastically changed in the time-span between a possible third game and X-2, there won’t really be much to get out of all of the places. They’ll be reduced to little more than throwbacks, which isn’t what you want from a sequel.
I think a good comparison to make here, even if you don’t like it, is to look at how XIII-2 managed to put you in places from the previous game but at the same time change things up a bit because of moving through timelines and fixing paradoxes. The only possible solution I could see to expanding the world of Spira in this situation would be to somehow make the “broken” Farplane lead you to some form of other world, but I’m just grasping for ideas here. The point is, there doesn’t look like there should be a need to traverse the entire world once again without making pointless trips to I don’t know, the Mi’ihen Highroad, but at the same time, an entire story can’t take place in between Guadosalam and Bevelle. There simply isn’t enough.

And while this is a massive assumption on my part, if the plot of this is defeating Sin again, then I don’t see anyway of this happening without the aeons and the fayths being wished back to life as well, which means that the game would essentially become Final Fantasy X again, so… you know, you might as well just play the remastered version of X if you really wanted that. Besides, we don’t need to get Square Enix excited enough to think that they can try and make sequels for all of their Final Fantasies. Just let it be what it is.


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